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Hi Pam
May I offer my condolences on the passing of your mum but hopefully past news of your dad has lifted your spirits a little.
I was made redundant from Ellermans in January 83 and as I lived in Hull I lost contact with most of my old shipmates. Today, when I opened up this web site, it was the first news I had that your dad had died.
I cannot remember on which ships your Dad and I were together, we used to move from one ship to another fairly regularly, sometimes we all moved on together, but sometimes we split up and went on other ships within the fleet.
Those "T" ships were Tagus, Tamega, Tormes, Tronto, Tiber, (names of Mediterranean rivers) plus a later one called Mondego. They were all small container ships (when carrying cargo containers was in its infancy) and we loaded in Ellesmere Port for ports in Portugal and the Med. These container ships were additional to our Ellerman cargo ships that you saw in the Liverpool Docks but eventually the Hustler Class container ship (plus bigger, newer container ships) began to replace the older ships.
Why am I called Nick The Greek? Well, I suppose I've always been swarthy and dark and very handsome just like a Greek God.........? OK, to be honest, I think the name was just a shortening of my surname together with a common name among Greek people.
I dont know how many of those old Papayanni guys are still around since I still live in Hull, those I kept in touch with have passed away but so its nice to occasionally open up Ships Nostalgia to see a few names I can still remember.
I began my E & P career in 1959 as a 3rd Mate and was a Captain when I left in 1983, 24 years of permanent sun tans and happy memories.
Please dont hesitate to ask me if you have queries about your dad. Sadly, I'm sure I dont have photos of him and I together which is a pity.
Best Wishes
John (Nick the Greek)
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