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The following from my CD Book on the Clan Line. War service details were extracted from WW1 Service Lists. Her loss detail came from a book on WW1 War Losses by Alan J Tennant

CLAN MACDOUGALL (1st of name) (1904 - 1918) "turretdeck steamship".
O.N. 119184. 4,710g. 2,976n. 385.2 x 50.1 x 26.3 feet.
T.3-cyl. (27", 45"& 75"x 54") by the shipbuilder. 413 NHP.
12.10.1904: Launched by Wm. Doxford & Sons Ltd., Sunderland (Yard No. 325), for The Clan Line Steamers Ltd., (Cayzer, Irvine & Company, managers).
18.11.1904: Registered at Glasgow.
12.1904: Completed.
12.12.1904: Sold to Sir Charles W Cayzer, David Rennie and James MacKenzie, (same managers).
1.7.1907: Managers restyled as Cayzer, Irvine & Company Ltd.
1913: Sold to The Clan Line Steamers Ltd, (same managers).
23.2.1917 until 26.3.1917: Wheat from America, for the Royal Commission.
27.3.1917 until 23.4.1917: Collier Transport No. 1541.
24.4.1917 until 10.6.1917: Wheat from America or Canada, for the Royal Commission.
11.6.1917 until 16.7.1917: Collier Transport No. 1541.
17.7.1917 until 18.10.1917: Sugar from Cuba.
19.10.1917 until 23.1.1918: Wheat from Canada, for the Royal Commission.
24.1.1918 until 9.3.1918: Collier Transport No. 1541.
10.3.1918 until 15.3.1918: Enroute to load sugar, at Cuba.
15.3.1918: Whilst on a ballast voyage from Naples to Bizerta, was sunk with a torpedo by the German submarine UB 49, in a position 60 miles S. E. by E. E. from Cape Carbonara, Sardinia.
Her master and 32 crew were lost.

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