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Originally Posted by chadburn View Post
The method of communication was voice pipes to the Engineroom and the Wheelhouse which is below the Navigation Bridge, when it come's to ship b as Barrie has suggested have a closer look. It is not unusual for the Navigation Bridge not to have either Helm or Engineroom Telegraph, certainly on Warships, on the much loved 'Tons'? the orders were communicated from the Navigation Bridge via a voice pipe to the Wheelhouse below which contained the Helm and the Telegraphs, on the larger Warships the Helmsman was in a compartment way down below.
Old Merchant vessel wise it is difficult to say but I would suggest that there was another Helm and the Telegraphs the Deck below what you call the Flying Bridge.
A friend of mine was 3rd.Mate on an old tramp ship where communication between the bridge and Captains cabin was by voice pipe.
The captain was a "hard to please" character who used to call the bridge multiple times a watch.
My friend got so fed up with this that when he was about to pay off (the Captain was staying on) he filled the voice pipe up with the contents of every ash tray he could find and looked forward to what the results would be!

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