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The current Police coms system in UK leased from Airwave is considered too expensive and the contract being ended. To replace they are going for a system based on mobile phone tech.

Errrrr except PTT .. Press To Talk / Boadcast to unlimited numbers of other handsets using mobile phone tech not exist .. the experts were saying .. not me.
Last time I did internet research the government were relying on it being invented. Not sure they know what they doing. Its controversial anyway.

Its gonna be interesting to follow what happens. I guess dialing up to speak only to a control room or 1 other person not what is needed.

Meanwhile .. Im available for employment by the Police if they need to re introduce morse. But I not come cheap. 😨😨😨😨😨&#x1f 628;. My perfect morse might be effected by bumpy roads .. so dont hurl too many QSDs at me.
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