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Originally Posted by Varley View Post
I remember both the old man and self being puzzled by a response from (I think) Koper harbour authority in 1972. It was MIJMA.

The puzzle has returned to me every now and again without remedy until last week. It is the 1931 International Signal code for "You have pratique". Volume II "For Radio Signalling"

It came to me as a surprise that there was an International code of Signals and that an update was produced in 1969. Whilst the update has ZY group for pratique granted rather than MIJMA I am not querying the delay in Yugoslavia taking up the new code (which Senegal list as still in use) but that there was a code at all. The only code I learned for my ticket was the Q code.

Anyone else in the same boat?
There was a book of international signal codes on all the ships I sailed on (1959 to 1965). It contained 5 character codes for just about every maritime phrase possible. I never used it except a couple of times to HMS Belfast to arrange joint cocktail parties in Colombo and Perth.
I gave a copy to my GF so that I could message her in code. Was interesting trying to find nautical terms for endearment!
I recalled it later when, in a movie, a sailor gave his GF a broach made from signal flags and told her it meant 'I love you'. Actually it meant 'request permission to lay alongside'.
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