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Originally Posted by Lao Pan View Post
Are you sure the Russians intended them for ICCP use - having sailed on a couple of Russian built ships they were just as likely originally designed for hull degaussing for passing through mine fields
The pair had other features that might have been more to do with auxiliary duty as well as a few absolute horrors the worst being her "halon" system. This consisted of two fluids (as stored). One being slightly flammable itself and the other employed to supress the first. Unfortunately whether effective or not it was highly carcinogenic.

Almost every load was capable of being connected to the emergency switchboard via a huge changeover switch local to each starter.

The bitter ends of both cables were easily releasable with I metre diameter handwheels.

As far as I remember she did not have any degaussing gear (I have only seen this once on one of the Cenargo vessels, can't remember which). I do imagine, though that the ICCP could have provided a set of coils with enough juice to send the North Pole on its way back to Canada.
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