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Originally Posted by DickGraham View Post ---- Bury Street - was that not where the Bankline Offices were? Seem to remember telling taxi drivers to go to Bury Street round the back of the Baltic Exchange. Would have been an interesting place to put that shape eh?
Bank Line and Weir's Head Office was indeed 21 Bury Street - where the Gherkin is now. Using 21 Bury Street was a shrewd move by Andrew Weir as it abutted directly onto what was the Baltic Exchange, indeed it was rumoured that there was a 'back door' into the exchange allowing the Chartering Dept to get first hand knowledge of upcoming charters and cargoes. The IRA put paid to those buildings as we all know but the gherkin isn't a bad replacement and I'm sure all chartering and broking is done by computer these days.

Interestingly, Bank Line and Weir's registered office remained at Hope Street, Glasgow for many years, despite the London office 'doing' all the work.

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