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Originally Posted by GNUA View Post
I paid off in Manila on 4/12/73. I don't think that the 3rd or 2nd mate paid off. Picture here of them Davis Lorrimer and Peter Boyd. They may have still have been onboard when you joined.
If my memory is correct I remember Davis although it's possible I met him elsewhere because we joined Gowanbank on a dark and stormy night (to coin a phrase) at around 2100 on 8th February 1974 at some obscure bulk terminal in Rotterdam in the middle of a bunkering overflow! I don't actually recall a handover from anyone so perhaps they had already left the ship. Of Peter Boyd I know nothing I'm afraid. As soon as we were able it was out to anchor in a gale 8 to await orders and I remember one of the liferafts (those square things on either side of the bridge deck) blowing off the port side. Thence to Emden to load VW cars for Houston, then US Gulf to Aussie, then sugar to Singapore, then timber to Reunion, then South African ports to load for WCSA and to pay off at Capetown on 18th October 1974.
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