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Originally Posted by denzil f View Post
Hi Steve.

Thanks for the words about my dad. It seems he was quite popular.
Yes I did sail with you for one trip. I think it was an early one, when I was still a wide eyed deck boy, flabbergasted at how great, (and mental) life at sea was. I remember you sitting behind the bar, laughing all the time (which seemed to be part of the AB job description then!!) I hope you are well.
If I remember rightly I sailed with your brother, Dave, too, when he was Chief Steward. Billy Flynn was the cook. Was he your brother? Or did I get that completely wrong?
Yes Denzil i think it was possibly the Res or Mairangi that i sailed with you..i was a bit aff ma heid in them days ha ha ha lol. Am doing not too bad...on a ferry up North at the moment,not the best of jobs but a job anyway. I see you are out of a job end of the's bad crack now with the credit crunch. Yes Dave is my brother indeed but sadly gone 11 years ago just before i left deepsea.
Regards Steve.
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