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Originally Posted by Jan Hendrik View Post
The situation must have changed in the 90's then?

I remember very well that Vinke and Co were the exclusive agent for Onassis (I worked in their office with my desk next to Kimon Onassis - a cousin of you know who), also agent for Livanos and I even boarded several vessels of Niarchos as Owner's agent, so the big 3 of the 60's and beginning 70's..
Those companies mainly operated tankers although they also owned bulkers.
I also remember when Onassis changed their topside colour from white to black. All their vessels had a special dark green colour on the decks.
Todate all those agencies bundled in one big group now called Burger Ship's Agent.
Things were changing, on the Rotterdam waterfront, from about 1990, but I had to stop working in 1994 so I don't know what happened after Nov 4 of that year. I do remember Vinke as the exclusive agent for Onassis, I also did a few jobs for Vinke as a ship repairer.
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