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Do You Remember

Anybody out there remember the Old " Lalande "Of Lamport and Holt. I was AB on her in 1961,her last trip before being scrapped.From what I remember there was no overtime, unless we berthed early somewhere.We did the west coast of Brazil down to BA.On the homeward leg we,as always called in at Las Palmas for fresh water and bunkers.There was another of L & Ps ships on her maiden voyage. Taking our place in the fleet I suppose. She was bunkering as well.Her bunker pipes made a connection near to the funnel. unfortunately there was an air lock that caused fuel to be spewed onto the funnel, boat deck. So one of the lifeboats got burned out.So ,we being there with 2 lifeboats on their last trip,were requested by the company to give one of our boats to her. I cannot recall the name of that ship. The lifeboats on the " Lalande " had not been swung out for probably years.They were housed in the old goose neck davits with rope falls.Clinker built boat that had inches of paint on. Well the Bosun took the falls to a drum end and away we went. CRACK we had broken the back of the life boat ( Plonkers ). So the ship had to be turned around on its berth so we could try and lower the other boat.( Plonker hats off thinking caps on ) So we chipped the paint off around the keel.Golly it worked we lifted the boat and took it to the other ship. So here we are aboard the " Lalande " without a life boat and five days at sea to reach KG5 in London.Today that would not be permitted. Health and Safety. No more incidents that trip. Is anybody out there that can verify the last trip of the " Lalande " John

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