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1st Trip Chippie.

Does anyone remember Captain Bill Williams?.I was straight out of my apprenticeship,and joined the Beaverelm as Carpenter in December 1962,it was i believe his first command after being on the Empresses.I was greener than green having to find things out for myself,albeit with a little help from the Shoregang Carpenters before we sailed.One day the Mate tells me that the Captains toilet has stopped flushing,and to sort it out.Well,not knowing the first thing about plumbing,it sort of threw me a bit ,but what can you do when everyone thinks that you know what you are doing?.So up i go to the holy of holys,and has a look,anyway i got the water turned off for that part of the ship,took it apart, a bit of grease, and put it back together,water back on,.. and tested it,and much to my suprise it worked perfectly.Later on that evening a case of Red Barrel was delivered to my cabin complements of the Captain.I must say that it was a big boost to a 21 year old 1st trip Chippie.
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