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I Signed on the Westbury as E.D.H. 8th May 1969 in Sydney, think she had been out for over 8 months then. A lot of the crew had skinned out before I had joined her. I posted on another thread: (July 20 1969) Where were you when the Americans landed on the moon) That I was on the Westbury around Capetown en-route to Genoa from Fremantle. We signed off in Liverpool 20th August 1969.

The next time I was Working on her was August 21st--September 15th 1978
when I was working on the Salford shoregang. Looking through my diary We done all types of work, from rigging the 10 ton gear then the jumbo. cleaning the hatches and bilges to cleaning and restocking the lifeboats ready to hand over to her new owners.
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