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I sailed up the canal a number of times during the mid1960's,with Stag Line.It was always Brown and Polsons warfe,with wheat from the USA or Canada.There was always the smell of corn oil and glycerine at Brown and Polsons corn processing plant,once smelt,never forgotten.Apart from the odour of the canal itself,I remember the ore ships at Irlam,and tying up at Runcorn for the night(can't remember why),and going for a couple of pints.I remember the Trafford hotel,a good walk through Trafford park,from the warfe,and then a taxi into the city centre,and a few pints in the Long Bar,and an Indian curry in the Kuhinor.We often moaned about our life in the MN,but the memories are good,and remain strong,even after fifty years.
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