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Yes, the roof of the wheelhouse I have got a memory of. It had started to blow, so me and a shipmate were to take down spark's antenna. I had rubber boots and rainwear on, fell, and was blown right acros that large C1A roof, luckily being caught by some parts of the railing, and I have got a flash photo memory of that 15 cm iron plate to which the railing was fastened. I can see the green paint, the rust and the bubbly welding seam. It was the rest of the decking I was less sure of. So thank you Stephen. And btw, I once painted nearly the whole of the NAL wharf in oslo with that warm grey hull colour when I was on either the Topdalsfjord or the Viksfjord. I had a very large bucket of paint that I was to take down to the quay side and roller paint the hull. Stupidly, I had taken off the lid when still on deck, so when I stumbled halfway down the accommodation ladder, I tipped the full content on to the quay. And the paint had a magnificient flow quality, it slowly filled the whole area. There must be a few people who still remember that - it did not dry up very fast.

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