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Originally Posted by jimthehat View Post
Nice painting,but definitely not seamanlike,derricks up whilst at sea
Agree Jim - was painted from a photo, and I made the same mental note.

Sailing round from Chalna to Chittagong on the Irisbank, we not only left the derricks up, but the hatches open with the boards neatly stacked either side ( for a change). As luck would have it we hit a
shallow bank. outside of Chittagong at full speed when I was on watch. ( A storm had dragged the marker buoy out of position). We rolled heavily away and a wave came up over the boat deck, sloshing down through the E.R. skylight! The hatchboards ended up in the holds, and we were lucky nothing more serious happened. Needless to say, there were a few swear words from down below.
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