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Originally Posted by Frank P View Post
I agree with your views, people should continue posting even if occasionally the stories get repeated............

They don't get repeated Frank, we just forget that we told them in the first place!

Thank you for your post Linda

I know many think they have nothing to tell, but you will be surprised how one jotting can spark another memory, they don't have to be in chronological order, once you start you'll find that even a word or the name of a port will bring back a moment of your life, which you may think insignificant or of no interest, but remember those who never had the privilege of going to sea and experiencing things and places we took as normal, may be interested in them.

Many of us on here have had, and will continue to have differences of opinion, but we all had a common mistress, whom at times we hated, but mostly loved. What other profession could place you apparently in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a 360 degree horizon with stars from horizon to horizon and also being paid for the privilege, it is important to record these wonderous moments in time.
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