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Originally Posted by Chris Isaac View Post
The site has just run out of steam.
We have no more stories to tell.
The gallery postings have become boring.
We need a new injection of seafarers, the trouble is that there are no “new” seafarers. When we left the sea it all just died.
Today’s seafarers do not have the adventures and fun that we enjoyed and remembered.
Hi Chris, I left the waves 58 years ago, I am now in Gisborne NZ, and when one looks out into the Bay ,5 ships (all Bulk Wood Carriers) they all look the same. Yes shipping is now pretty boring aye. I served from 1957 to 1962 and had a ball when I look back. mainly with the Union Steamship Coy, the first vessel was a tub called the 'Piri' 265 tones, with a rag, across the Tasman with a belly full of explosives , 5 shillings a day danger money, a lot of good that would have been aye. Yes there must still many stories to be told.
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