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Gardline was a play on the founders' name, George Darling, a shrewd operator. When the large concrete production platforms were under construction at Ardyne Point on the Clyde, a letter from George appeared in a national newspaper questioning whether there was sufficient depth for these monsters to pass over at the bottom of Arran. There was immediate panic and route surveys were hastily arranged and the only vessels immediately available were from one Gardline Shipping of Great Yarmouth.

They are still thriving in the hydrographic and seismic industry with a website

Ships I remember were Gardline Seeker, Locater, Endurer and Tracker. Seeker became a pirate radio ship.

Other survey vessels I remember being around were the Sperus (ex Hesperus with the "He" removed!), Bembridge and a great little seaboat called the Akraborg, an ex Icelandic ferry run by the Bannan brothers if my memory serves me correctly.

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