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Originally Posted by baileybloke View Post
Hi, I have been building an Ellerman ship database for the past few years and have over 2300 pictures of Ellerman ships including Wilson, Bucknall, Papayanni, City, ACT ect. These date from the 1870's to the 1980's.
If anyone is looking for a photo of their old ship, I would be happy to e-mail you a copy free of charge. Since I have collected these from a vast variety of sources I have no idea who owns copyright to most of them so I would ask that you respect this and only use them for your own private use.
If anyone out there has any electronic copies of any Ellerman ships I would be happy to add them in to my database for everyones enjoyment.Please include the ships name and date. Thanks to Derek Hudson in Aussie for your valuable contribution.
Hi Baileybloke

My dad sailed on Ellerman Line ships in WW1, and had three taken out by Ubouts. He survived the last on, City of Corinth, sunk 12 miles SW of the Lizard. I have the only existing photo of the C0C taken by a crew member as she was sinking on May 21, 1917. I also did a painting (once I had found the correct colours) which I copied from the photo. If you would like a copy of one or both let me know and I can email them to you. I don't know what other Ellerman ships he was on, but if you have a list of those that were sunk in WW1, my sister may recognise the names, she is older than me !

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