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Originally Posted by Alan Rawlinson View Post

I arrived in 1948 and came from Stanmore in Middlx, so presumably I was one of the 12. Can still recall the tests and interview. Didn't do well at either, so don't know what happened. I recently found a monthly receipt for Woolverstone Hall contribution in my dead parents papers, and it was for 5.10 which was a significant % of their earnings in those days!

I remember Tribe who was a very big lad. He had an arranged punch up in 12 dorm with another lad whose name escapes me - was it Hepworth or similar? Blood everywhere.

There are a few not very good quality pics still in my collection. Here is the silverware and prize table at sports day 1950, I believe.
I was at Woolverstone at least 4 years and as i left in AUG 52,I must have been there in 48.

51 was the first full year that we were in civvies and I still have the school [hoto taken at the back of the main building taken in OCT.51,it is one long photo so I must get it in and have fixed before it starts to crack,
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