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Originally Posted by averheijden View Post
L.S (XFullFatTim;624748)
I am curious to know, what means exact the major redesigning of liners and pistons crowns which transformed in better manoeuvrability?
According DOXFORD the starting assiter was only necessary 1 in 100 times starting?
This was find out on the testbed, perhaps in reality it was different?
Awaiting your answer
Kind regards
The piston and liner mods were to improve the compression, particularly when starting astern as there was a lead on the exhaust piston which made starting sometime a bit of a lottery with a bit of liner and piston ring wear!
I think the starting assister may have eventually been removed after a particularly exciting moment when it engaged on one ship when the engine was running at full speed
I seem to recally that the frequency of "dead band" stops was much reduced when we changed the phasing of the propeller in relation to the crankshaft
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