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I got this answer
"Hi Alfons

Yes that is the top of the scavenge pump which was on the back of the
engine behind number 2 cylinder. The seawater, fresh cooling water and
lubricating oil pumps were directly below, all driven by a rocker arm
from #2 cylinder cross-head. When I started with Shell as a fifth
engineer, I sailed fron New Zealand to Singapore as a passenger on a
Nowegian tanker. It was fitted with a six cylinder Doxford with the
scavenge pump between four and five.

The "B"s were unique in the Shell fleet. They were the only Doxford
engined ships although I understand that there were some equiped with
Doxfords later on when Doxford went onto HVF. All other motor ships in
the Shell fleet ran on HVF but the fuel valves fitted to the Doxfords at
that time wouldn't allow it. Personally I was pleased. HVF wasn't much
fun for the engineers. We had a lot of problems on a Harland and Wolf,
B&W copy, that I sailed on.

I didn't think about it at the time, but in retrospect, 2 spare liners
is a bit much but that's what was supplied. I doubt if they were ever
used. We did a re-ring on number two cylinder and the bore was in good

Using my images will be fine. Would yu like me to email higher
resolution copies?



( I found a picture on Internet concerning the mv Bela Engine Room, I enlarged it and give the Engine a color, so it is indeed a 3-Legged)
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