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Hi George - Thanks for the reply. Was at ZLO - Navcommsta Waiouru in 74 as well - I was the LRO of one of the watches at that time - Comms were a lot easier with your vessel and Sir Percivale than when Sir Percivale first came out around 1970 Can remember very well doing the comms with your vessel - Was in Portsmouth back in 71/72 bringing out HMNZS Canterbury built in Yarrows to New Zealand then in 73 went back to ZLO until I left in 75 and worked at ZLB until 1989 then VIS till 92 then worked for Australian Telecom (Telstra) in Sydney until 2003 then worked as a security guard until I retired in 2016 - Remember reading an incident with the French (I think they were pulling your leg) - Have looked up a book called "Pitcairn as a port of call - a record - 1790 - 2010" it lists Sir Percivale as passing Pitcairn on April 30 1970 from Panama and then on July 13 sat off Pitcairn for four days - on August 10 1970 she is off Pitcairn again to pick up a couple of two RAF radiological monitors then bound Peru - the C/O was Capt McLaughlin - my email is [email protected] - In the last couple of years have met up with an amateur radio friend - Paul Leithbridge who was an R/O on RFAs - He comes out to Sydney every year or so - You may have sailed with him Regards Tony
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