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Davie, If I remember correctly at Granton the crewing was Skipper, Mate,
Chief Engineer, 2nd Engineer, Cook. 2nd fisherman, 4 Deckies, 1 Greaser ,
1 Gutter and 1 Deckie /Learner if one was available. The Greaser took steaming watches in the engine room , worked one side of the winch shooting and hauling and lowered the baskets of fish down into the fish room. The mate workred the fish room alone unless we were on large fish.
The Gutter was the wheelhouse relief for the Skippers meals and did the odd jobs on deck ,hosing down, changing light bulbs etc, he was also responsible for keeping a check on the net stores in the foc'sle.
The Cook , Chief and 2nd Eng did not have any deck duties whilst fishing but many did lend a hand when the going got tough . the position of Greaser was a follow on from the trimmers , some of the older hands still called the position Deckhand/Trimmer, so the Trimmers in this case were also Deckhands.

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