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Originally Posted by Robert Wheeler View Post
Hi Nova Scotian,
Thanks for your reply. I've tried your route but unfortunately their Voyage Record Cards only show until 1975.
They were helpful in advising that it's possible to visit and trawl through all the Lloyds Lists to find each entry but that's a bit of a serious outing for me.
I think I'll put together what I can for now with the scraps of info I have and perhaps some extra places/dates may appear through this thread over a period of time.

Hi Robert ...

I don't know where you live, but the Guildhall Library in London has a full run (AFAIK) of Lloyds List, and are most helpful. About a year ago I looked up in there for info on the RdM in 1973, they were most helpful, and you don't have to book anything either. From request to delivery of document was about 5 mins, and it was latish on a Saturday afternoon as well.

If you are not around London, then I suspect other big maritime city libraries may have them, failing that perhaps University or College libraries perhaps ?

Good hunting ...


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