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Originally Posted by RAY CLARKE View Post
Hi Duggie, I Joined Orama as lecky in Philedelphia Jan 72 and signed off with the 3/eng Ron Paton in Boston June 72 so we must have been sailing together! Don't Know if you can remember me.I can't remember who relieved me. C/Eng was Dave Robinson for most of the trip but Terry Sherman doesn't ring any bells in me.I believe Dave Robinson passed away in the mid 70's, I think he had a heart problem. Orama was a very hard working ship never a dull day!and as I remember had no A/C so Accomadation was always unbearable in the tropics. Regards Ray Clarke
Couple of names there bring back memories. Terry Sherman was the 2/Eng on the Ottawa when I joined her at Palmers drydock in Hebburn for my first trip in 1968, and we paid off together in Zeebrugge in January 1969.

I sailed with Dave Robinson on Orissa, a sister to Orama, he did indeed die of a heart problem in the mid 70's, a great shame as he was one of the nicest people I have ever met. The Orissa was my first motorship and a baptism of fire to say the least. I can still remember hearing the Paxman cargo pump being started and being amazed that a piece machinery could make a noise like that and remain intact.
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