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Originally Posted by tetura View Post
Hello Firey, I sailed with CP from 82 till 84 as an AB. Sailling on the Fort Garry, G.A. Walker(during the Falklands),Fort Rouge and the Dart Atllantica. It was alright to start with but after two years I,d had enough and I jumped ship in Singapore. " Nice flight home " !!! REGARDS Trevor.

Trevor. your line on "jumping Ship", was any charges brought against you when you got home by the company---in the RN this would be a charge of desertion and the end game would be detention in Naval DQs and later discharged from the service(Peace time)--but --wartime the action would have been a court martial and then tied to a pole and shot, not a very happy ending----so the question is -what happened when you finally got home---just curious,mate!!!!!
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