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Port Quebec

Originally Posted by Bill.B View Post
Sailed as REO from 78 to 85. Fort Steele, Fort Yale, Dc Coleman twice, Port Quebec , Port Vancouver twice, Dart Atlantica, G.A Walker, Fort Kamloops. Great bunch of guys and good trips. Best party was at the Zillertal in Hamburg when the Port Quebec had two complete sets of officers and we all ended up dancing on the tables and under the table. Was lucky to sail twice with Jim Mantz and was very sad to hear of his passing. Am still married to the girl I met in dry dock in Norfolk and still working for Imtech/Radio Holland here. remember Lucy was my relief on Port Vancouver in Baton Rouge.
I think it was the Port Quebec in Baton Rouge that I joined as your relief not the Port Vancouver. The Capt was Capt Currie, the Ch/Off Kevin Rennison, the C/E I can't remember his name but he had a wife called Penny and the 3/Eng John Maltby when I joined. The ship later went to Japan before loading Tapioca at a port near Pattaya Beach in Thailand, before the Brits had discovered it as a tourist resort. The Australians had just started going there. The lads had a good time there! Unfortunately two of them had a motor cycle accident and knocked a local girl off her push bike which didn't go down too well.
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