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Originally Posted by Jim McFaul View Post
Jimmy (Captain James) is my dad, he's 90 now, just been over to visit him in Larne. Dan I'm afraid died over ten years ago at home in Larne. Dan and my dad were with quite a few Dorey ships. Think a couple of my cousins, Jackie and Jimmy McCullough, were also skippers with Dorey's)
I remember being onboard the Belgrave with Capt Jimmy? His son was on the same voyage, contemplating a 'Radiographer' career way back in the seventies or early eighties? I was second mate then, I remember he was a Master with previous experience as mate with Jebsens?
A very proud seafaring sad that Capt Dan has passed away

He was what is needed now...a true spirit of the Nautical Instructor, how many of the new boys can take the Longships on the inside now?
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