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Split ..... you ask ..."could we have sustained these losses on our own, invaded Normandy and all the rest?" ...... the same question might well be asked of the German side because by 1942 they too were up against the wall, it would have staggered on as WW1 did.

However without question with the Americans in the war there was no doubt as to the outcome.

The T2's were without doubt magnificent ... I missed out on sailing on one of the T2's in BP and I am not overly sure that wasn't a bad thing as I believe the Nav. Apps. cabin was over the steam pipes which went through the centre castle so I am told ... "Up the Gulf" was not pleasant, as if it ever was.

As for the Liberties, C2's and C3's the whole shipbuilding effort of the Americans was magnificent. Donitz dismissed the figures as propaganda .... foolish man. While we are about it lets not forget the whole industrial might of the States and their attitude to building things in mass and precision ... amazing.

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