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Originally Posted by dentina View Post
No its not ,the name Giants Grave refers to it being the burial site of a local Giant from folklore dating back over 1,000 years.
Well over 200 Ships were broken up here between 1906 and the late 1970s.
I have what I think is a complete list of those Ships and photographs of most, although many not actually taken at the yard itself.

I'm trying to compile an online map showing where private companies broke up British Railways steam locos in the 1960s.
T. W. Wards had several yards around the Sheffiled / Rotherham areas, as well as Giants Wharf, Briton Ferry. There were other breakers around the Bridgend, Briton Ferry areas too, such as Steel Supply, listed as being located at Briton Ferry, and also Jersey Marine.

Can anybody help me with their actual locations please?
The map is here:-

Any help greatly appreciated.

Very Best Wishes,
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