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I worked on the heather a platform installation,cant remember the McDermott's barge(22 perhaps) Spanish welder was killed welding in the bearcage when a wire holding the 48 inch pipe snapped. The barge got caught in a big swell which damaged the crane. We were towed to Rotterdam fortunately we had a dustbin full on homebrew to help us along. I worked for hydrospace at the time as a diver.
Unto Kinsale head in ireland ,again for McDermott the barge was caught in a bad storm,one tug broke down and the anchors were dragging. Ordered to don survival suits as the barge was getting close to the beach. Some lads were in sat,what they must have thought! Anyway the winds dropped and all was well.
Talking of barge supers I remember Toby Thorpe on the lb 26,in the galley eating prawn gumbo with his hands whilst he wouldn't tolerate sleeveless t shirts in the galley. One time a Lebanese diver stepped of the helicopter dressed only in yellow silk shorts,toby was watching,smoking his huge cigar,spitting everywhere,he said " I am not prejudiced but get that -+&_# off my barge.
I worked on the lb 26,some good lads,denis berry,tim astley,jim Montgomery's et all. The deck foreman,dressed head to toe in denim,was called Danny. it was a good pipelaying barge. Also worked on the 15,17,27. Really enjoyed the etpm 501,at meal times we had apperitifes,wine with the meal etc.very civilised. Did some time on the castoro 5 in the gulf when we ran out of fresh water and food,no aircon in the cabins,it was rough. Anyway enough for now
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