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Originally Posted by Tim Gibbs View Post
Someone here has commented that at one time Ellermans were probably one of the biggest shipping companies in the world. I sure that could be true, but of course with such a large fleet went a large number of "incidents" In my relatively short time(1960-78) I can recall;

-New crankshaft for C/o Winnipeg due to design defect
-New crankshaft for C/o Colombo due to fractured crankwebs
-C/o Canberra with an engine room full of water in Rio
-C/o Colombo bearings machined due to microbial attack
-C/o Singapore aground in Lobito
- New bedplates for the "Hustlers"
-Dilkara's engines badly damaged by Bass Strait fuel oil
-Dilkara's E R fire in San Francisco
-Dilkara hitting the bridge in Tacoma
- Salerno getting intimate with a drydock gate in Gothenburg
- Mediterranian CP propeller failure in Haifa
-C/o Colombo propeller & fore peak damage in Canada
-C/o Cape Town, flame ring and camshaft failure
-C/o Port Elizabeth(?) bottom piston skirt detachment
-C/o Hereford interned in Karachi during the Indo-Pakistan war.

There are probably more others can supply but my memory is dimming at the moment !
You could add City of Ripon towed back to Aden by Liverpool in 65 after the Doxford packed up.
Same ship in 66 mined leaving Penang April.
I was Cadet in her each time.

I am certain that it was the Colombo that was stuck in Karachi in 71. Our Second Stwd Pete Smith in the Ottawa [ ex Glasgow ] had his brother John stuck there.
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