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Originally Posted by JOHN.D.COTTON View Post
Rather new to this forum. I was RO on Mercury for two 'tours' after
standing by at Lairds - maiden voyage 1962 - laying Compac.
I well remember a few names -Alan D. Law, Sid Bayfield, John Patterson, Ian Bosworth, John Neal, Mike Forshaw, Capt Paddy Garrett, John Oxley (my boss), John Peck, Kevin Routledge,John Flower. We had a 5 months stint alongside in Suva to repace the Retriever. Wow a good company and many memories.
Aye John,
I remember most of them, and all the R/Os Ray mentions.
I joined C&W as R/O in 1971, and was on the Mercury various times in the 70's - Southampton, Vigo and Bermuda. The latter two as a 'station' ship. The Mercury had rather a grand radio office!
Also sailed on Edward Wilshaw, Stanley Angwin, Recorder, Cable Enterprise, Venture, Sir Eric Sharp and Seaspread.

I was R/O till 1985, then Subsea (ROV) till 'voluntary' severance in 2002.
It was indeed a great company to work for, especially if you were married... until Global Marine wised-up and withdrew 'married priveleges'. The 'station' ships spent most their time in port.
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