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Roybank aground off Crete

Hi All,
Seems a bit strange writing this but anyhow.

For my sins and now living in Durban I have ended up as the Chairman of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers South African Branch. As such I was somehow elected onto the ICS Executive Council which meets 4 times a year at various locations around the world (mainly London).

Anyhow our May meeting 2009 is in Athens and I am scheduled to attend in 2 weeks.

As I am travelling so far I started to mull over what I wanted to do and visit whilst there, outside of the meetings. The list seemed endless and I can only afford a couple of days outside of the ICS schedule, so what to do…………….?

Anyhow having spent a while looking at numerous web sites and the multitude of historic locations, I suddenly remembered the Bank Line 100 year book 1885 – 1985 where my first ship (The MV Roybank {2} ) is detailed in 2 sentences as being wrecked of Southern Crete.

Seemed a bit of a short epitaph for such a major part of my (and I guess others) life. So with no plan whatsoever I am planning to visit Kalimelines in Crete later this month.

I cannot believe that such a large vessel running aground and breaking in 2 only 24 years ago in such a remote location does not have a lot of stories amongst the locals there?

My plan (if you can call it that) is to pitch up at the nearest pub to the wreck site (29th of May if anyone wants to join me?) and start asking a few questions of the locals. Maybe nothing but who cares I am going anyway and intend to have some nostalgic fun.

Please feel free to distribute this message to any/all of your Bank Line contacts you may have and I would really appreciate any stories and/photos of the Roybank so as to maximize the results of the trip.

Of course (alcohol permitting) I will report back to all after the trip.

Best regards

Tim Phillips (Gronk)
Roybank Fleetbank, Tenchbank,Forthbank,Ivybank,Willowbank
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