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Originally Posted by McCloggie View Post
Sounds ....... Sh1T to me1

How on earth can the Captian (or Master dependining on which thread you read) be NOT embarassed by having to hit the appropiate button and have a Disney tune emanating?

I know that by serious regulations the ships horn/siren must be able to sound the necessary signals but how cheesy is this?

For me, the concept of "cruising" on todays ships is a complete no brainer. Why would anyone in their right mind want to spend two weeks with a bunch of geriatric Americans?

I suppose it keeps seafarers employed but how many qualified people actually want to do this?

Really, apart from the smell, you would be better off working on a livestock carrier!

Whilst it would also be my idea of a nightmare sailing on one of these vessels, I think you are being a bit harsh and am sure many if not all of those who sign up to cruises are in their right minds and may not necessarily either geriatric or American, and most probably make better travelling companions than livestock. I could also never see me willingly snowboarding, skiing, hang-gliding, parachuting, sky-diving, mountaineering, diving, doing 160mph around Silverstone, but totally accept that there are plenty others who enjoy doing these things, so best of luck to them, each to his own, live and let live.
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