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Originally Posted by Satanic Mechanic View Post
Oh big debate there with all the Narks getting their collective knickers in a twist with the inevitable wild claims of savings and counter claims of shamanism and witchcraft. I swear to god if I see another model pool photograph 'proving' one or other opinion my next step will be to visit the pool with a fully functional model attack submarine or maybe a model pirate ship.

It basically seems to come down to this, there is a speed below which bulbous bows are no longer effective and indeed cost fuel, above that different bows are required for different speed/draft combinations. Next try to predict the trading pattern for the next 5 years and fit the appropriate bow - this involves consulting with a Nark who after performing arcane rituals and the ritual sacrifice of chickens and other small animals will give you a suggestion and a photograph of a model, he will also recommend brackets and carlings- but they always do that, they can't help themselves.
Sounds more like a hinge and bracket to me never had these worries pre CAD/CAM.
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