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Originally Posted by Frank P View Post
I have heard that there are no catering staff on these ships, all the food is pre-cooked and frozen and the crew use use the microwave ovens to heat it when needed. How true that is I am not sure....
That is one rumour I can dispel. I have recently paid off a Maersk Triple E & the normal crewing on all Maersk's own container ships includes a Cook & Steward.

A lot of Maersk's ships when dry docking are getting new bulbous bows, reckoned to be more efficient at the lower service speeds than originally built for, also in some cases new propellers are being fitted for the same reason. Normal trim when on a sea voyage is down by the bow as this also delivers efficiency savings. It may seem to some to be penny pinching & more hassle than it's worth, but the savings when applied across a fleet the size of the one that Maersk operate becomes appreciable, measured in millions of dollars per year.
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