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I have just joined this site and have read the postings on this thread with interest and there are many familiar names . I was in the first draft of Class IV cadets in 1975 and my first ship was the Wheelsman with Stevie Pond as Master and Rusty Buchan as mate, Clive Stevens was with me. I also sailed on Centaurman, Helmsman, Vegaman, Bridgeman, Orionman. My First trip as second mate was eventful, I went straight from Warsash to the Tillerman in Feb '79 and it promptly caught fire in the accommodation just of lands end R. Owen was the Captain. After the fire I went to Mexico on the Vegaman, and when I came back I was mostly regular second mate on the Bridgman with Stevie Pond and Daisy Andrews. The only person I have met from my those days is Jim Kerr who was a fellow cadet who was, and may still be a Marine Superintendent at Fishers. I left to go to University 1982, but still did holiday reliefs whilst there, I did a degree in Ship Science (Naval Archtecture) at Cardiff. Since then I have still been in the Maritime world and spending time offshore working in, Ship design, submarine cable laying and Warranty Surveying. More used to big DP construction vessels and cable ships these days. Must say when I was on deck with Rowbothams I never expected to end up as a Chartered Engineer!
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