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Rusty was a great skipper when you got to know him - always wore full uniform. After he retired he did various jobs including yacht delivery - I met up with him on several occasions in Plymouth when he was delivering millionaires boats!
Alan Everett is the name you seek! Known as 'tanky' throughout the fleet, based in Malta where he had a home with his friend.
I still communicate with Bryan Porter when there is any news regarding former sea-going staff, sadly the demise of personnel seems to be ongoing too regularly.
All the names you mention I know and sailed with a few of them.
The comp-any always regarded the 1000 tonners as punishement ships, never knew why as they had by far the best runs. Alan Thurbon from HO came on a trip around the Western Isles with us once to see why we loved the 'Tilly' .. he soon understood the reasons!
Did you come across Tim Kelly, another Class 5 whi I keep in regular touch with?
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