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2nd year: Andy Bourne, Neil Lovesey, Harry Williams, Martin Skinner, Lindsey Dowdall and Eddie Vitols.
There was a third year but I can only remember two guys, Paul Williams and John Walker/

Then Rocky's started to go with class 5 entries, these were lads who basically started as deck boys but the ones I remember below turned out to be great lads:-
Jon Whitford, Stuart Vallis, Tim Kelly, Chris Poole - Gleed, Ian Pinney, Jim Podger, Alec Gibbons, Terry Hitchens, Matt Black and my apologies, I cannot remember any other names.
We were all trained by great chaps, and I thank them secretly every single day, hope you all remember some of the following names? I am 60 years old now but am still that daft cadet! The following are my heroes, I hope they ring a bell for all you lads? Here Goes, in no particular order as they say on the telly!
Captain Derek Hunt, Captain Frank Craske, Captain John Bates, Capt Alex Mc Kinnon, Captain Alec Graham, Captain George Mount, Captain Noel Williams, Captain Rodney Burnett, Captain John Marsden, Captain William Millar, Captain John Phillips, Captain David Andrews, Captain Steve Pond, Captain Alan Everett, Captain David Cummins, Captain Ian Storrie, Captain Jim Mc Gregor,
Terry Frith, Bob Ord, Peter Marris, Joe Wilson, Kenny Plummer, John Steward, Tim O'Sullivan. Howard Swan, Colin Farmer, Gordon Coates, Chris Ford, Robin Ralling, Peter Turner, Mike Cooke, David Day and Dick Stevenson and so many others?
I wasn't an engineer but the following taught me and possibly you a lot?
Ian Shields, Graham Davies, Kevin Raby, Gordon Davies, Keith Boyles, Dougie Alexander, Peter Gough, Eddie Neylon, Bob Hedley, Kalli Aktar, Benjy Crentsil,Duncan Deefholts, Clayton(Sorry about the forgotten Christian name).
The real Rowbotham were a magnificent company, with great ships, great people and great training for us young and inexperienced lads. Everything I have I owe to all those great people. Apologies for anyone I have missed. I also feel I need to mention two amazing seamen that I still tell stories about, Boson's, Jimmy Ward and Ernie Horne! There is no one around today of their calibre! Class. I hope this post gives you all happy memories, it always makes me chuckle, great people, great character, great seamen and great role models!
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