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Hi WINMAR I can't see your name so I am not sure where we sailed together. That's a lot of names you mention and I think as far as the Captains go I sailed with nearly all of them, that list triggers a lot of memories. Of the Cadets in the first year I have only met Mike Kerr since, he was a Marine Superintendent, with James Fishers, I was a Technical Manager at the Company for a year in James Fisher Defence, but me and my team provided technical support for the companies vessels.
I was with Neil Lovesey on the Vegaman in Mexico, Harry Williams I was on the Bridgeman with and Eddie Vitols was on the Centaurman, I don't think he stayed. From the third year I am fairly sure I sailed with John Walker on the Orionman.
I had good times with Rowbotham's, and I learnt a lot in a short time from some very professional seamen and engineers. but I don't regret leaving when I did, especially considering the state of the industry these days. Since I left, I have spent a lot of time on different vessels, with different nationalities and flag states and quite frankly the practices, seamanship and depth of knowledge on some the vessels I have to deal with are not what they should be.
As for Clive, I remember his issue with gloves and the fact that he could go on deck in nice clean white boiler suit and have it completely black within an hour or less!!we are getting on a bit now, I am still working with no plans to stop just yet.
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