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Nov 1983 - Jan 1990

Good to find this forum. I was one of the STS class 4 trainees starting with 7 guys at Gravesend. Through attrition I think 2 of us got a ticket in the end. I sailed as an AB and passed my class 4 to sail 3rd mate on the Tankerman with Rodney, then offered a trip as 2/0 over Christmas with Ian Storey as old man. I did a couple of years as 2/0, plenty of relief trips. Leaving in January 1990 at Canvey. I worked ashore with Fishers for nearly 4 years in personnel. Eventually made redundant by Mr Cobb the CEO, who followed me from Rowbotham and was busy "consolidating" numbers. Best thing that could have happened. Still in the industry on the insurance side. Read a lot of old names and people I sailed with, good an bad trips, but I mostly remember the good. Good to see people are still alive. Best - Chris Roberts
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