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These two were always my favourite ships. Although I never went to sea as a career, I did drive for Cunard Avonmouth office, and went aboard both of these. I was driving a hire car and working for my Father who supplied the car and we took the Captains and Officers, Engineers, and Chief Stewards of all for Cunard related vessels. These were Donaldson Line, which were back and forth across the pond. Port Line which did the Australasia trips, Brocklebank, on the Indian routes, and the occasional Cunard cargo ship. We had the four Med boats at different times. The Assyria called on one occasion, and the two mentioned at the start. I remember the Captain of the Alsatia asking the Cunard agent if I would go to his cabin on sailing day, and he gave me a five shilling tip. Now, that may not seem much, but my weekly wage at the time, was five pounds before stoppages. For this, I was expected to go out for any and every journey required by the agents. Tide times are variable so any time of docking or sailing, and any time during the day or night, but the day time was usually from about half nine to one thirty. Back again about three until about five-thirty/six-ish, and then return whatever time the ship sailed or one arrived. The Captains cabin was in the former funnel as I recall. Even to this day, I like these two ships, and I frequently look at the photo's I have of them, both as Cunarders, and Silver Line vessels. Dave H.

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