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On the Novelist a Harrison ship 1954 the galley was midships and as Peggy I had to take the meals aft, the weather was foul all the way from the Mexican gulf to Liverpool the Irish Sea was the worst those who were around then December 1954 will know what it was like,well the cook was a bloody hero producing hot meals,but one day I was taking the food aft in tin dixies when a wave took me of my feet and I lost the lot,sympathy from the crew ? No bloody chance a belt around the head and get my **** back to the cook for more no chance I was terrified to go back aft for another smack around the head ,ungrateful bastards.I have posted before about a coasting cook who went ashore with our victualling money who came back pissed out of his head with a bunch of carrot and nowt else,did anyone out there have a similar experience?.
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