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Originally Posted by Farmer John View Post
That needs a tune putting to it.

"Sheaf Arrow" could be a song for down the ages.
You are right Farmer but while a storm at sea demands the blare of brass , the thunderous roll of drums and the strident crash of symbols I feel that the ship's name invokes a more pastroral theme to my mind.
The Sheaf could be the gatherings of crops of wheat, corn , or even tropical sugar cane carefully woven to form a warm love nest beneath the twinkling stars , the Damsel, a sylphe like figure clad only in the figment of one's imagination and the Arrow could be plucked from Cupids hand upon his bow or from a lover's trousers .
We should not mention that serpent from The Garden of Eden.
Beyond this theme my words are deadened by a early dawn down under and perhaps Barrie might bring the sweet lyrics to enliven the scene

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