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Hi peteash ! Except for what I wrote about her Empress of Japan days trooping prior to Japan entering the war she was only operating in the Southern Hemisphere ferrying Australasian Troops to the Far East war zone.
However, after 1941 she refitted as a trooper and renamed Empress of Scotland as other members have advised and reported in detail.
I have since learned that my 95 year old neighbour was actually in the US Airforce and his initial memory was back to front ... he was shipped out of on the Empess of Scotland from US Hampton Roads to India via Capetown (30 days) thence by train to Calcutta and into China before returning home after VJ Day from Shanghai via Seattle to San Francisco aboard a converted Liberty Ship trooper (5 tier bunk, 504 to 550 persons) home to San Francisco with first stop Seattle (30 days).
There is a wonderful report of the outbound trip on Google ... "History of the 118th>14th AFA Articles Empress of Scotland.
Memories of the Empress of Scotland by Roger Molina (118th TRS - 449th FS)
jing bao Journal Vol.59, Nos. 359 and 360
Think that was your Dad's first trip as an Empress of Scotland's crew member.
Hope you are able to navigate the info ... I am a total loss at computer stuff
Cheers from Keith Adams aka " Snowy" briefly 4th Mate on the "E of S"
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