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Good morning Gentlemen,

Recently clearing my attic I came across some old lead waterline 1/1200:1250 models which I acquired many years ago. Having put them on display my grandchildren have taken a great interest in them, since when I have aquired many more for their interest. They are mainly Treforest Mouldings, Tremo, of 1937-40, and I have taken an especial interest in this make and especially the story behind this short lived company. Consequently I am posting to ask if anyone else on this site has an interest in, or knowledge of this company or Identification Models. I am particularly seeking catalogues to try to ascertain the range of their products, I have a Tremo catalogue of 1940, but would wish to view and copy others, if anyone has such. I also have some others which I believe to be Naval Ship Identification models. I like these models because they have a 'chunky' archaic feel, and are not too delicate thus my grandchildren with their sometimes clumsy fingers can handle them rather than just stare at them in a catalogue, equally they are easier to refit with my ageing eyesight and arthritic hands.

Such models are of course mainly Grey Funnel Line, but I wish to get some real ships as well, (I never did work out where Grey Funnel Line ships stowed their cargoes?).


John T
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