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Willem Barendsz and whale tooth

Hello Odette-Maria

My grandfather Reijer van Teijlingen also was on WB. He was one one of the factory ship's "catcher vessels". I also still have a sperm whale tooth that I got from him (uncarved though). I think he called it a "potvis". He would have sailed at around the time your grandfather-in law was on the ship. (50 years and a bit more ago.) Kind regards from New Zealand.

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Hello Odette-Maria,

My grandfather-in-law worked on the Willem Barendsz about 50 years ago, we have a sperm whale tooth that was carved by him. What's interesting is that on the back is hand carved Vinke and Co, I presumed that was the ship owner or company that operated the boat. It was great to read your confirmation. He lived in Vlaardingen, Holland at the time. Perhaps he knew your father!
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